Market Forge autoclaves trouble shootin gguide.


Problem Solution
Sterilmatic fails to operate at all. (No pressure build-up)

1. Not installed correctly.

2. Blown fuse.

3. Contactor burned out.

4. Wiring is defective.

1. Check wiring diagram for correct hook-up.

2. Replace fuse. If blows again. check that source of electric supply is 60 Amps.

3. Replace.

4. Check all wiring. Replace or repair.

Sterilmatic operates, but fails to build up 15.5 P.S.I. pressure

1. Current not heating all of the elements.

2. Steam trap fails to close.

3. Exhaust valve fails to hold pressure at 15.5 P.S.I.

4. Steam leaks around door.

5. Safety valve blows off prematurely.

1. Remove lower front panel and see if all the heating elements are working.

2. Replace the thermo-element within the steam trap.

3. Check for incorrect adjustment on temperature control. Re-adjust.

4. Check for worn gasket or make door adjustment.

5. Replace safety valve.

Unit releases pressure before cycle has terminated on timer.

1. Low water cut off has functioned prematurely.

1. Replace low water cut-off.
Timer is erratic, or fails to return to zero.

1. Loose or broken electrical leads to the timer.

1. Repair defective wiring.
Unable to obtain set temperature at peak of cycle.

1. Steam trap closing prematurely, preventing removal of air from the sterilizing chamber.

1. Replace the thermostatic element in the steam trap.
One or both sides of cast-in heating elements remain on when the timer is in an OFF position.

1. Contactors of the temperature control switch remain closed.

1 Replace switches.
Heating element cutting out before 15.0 lbs. pressure is reached.

1. Pressure cutting off at the temperature control too soon.

1. See adjusting the range of operation and calibration of the temperature control.


Left or right bank of heating element dose not function.

1. Loose or broken connection.

2. Front contactor dropping out too soon.

1. Repair or replace.

2. Adjust temperature control.

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